Sunday, August 1, 2010

Superfan Day at the K

So apparently the Royals are having a Super fan Day. My friend Chris Coats, (who you may know as Super Fan Chris) found this on the Royals website and posted it to my facebook.

Calling all fans that bleed Royal blue! Join us during Super Fan Night at The K on Wednesday, August 18 for a pre-game party prior to the Royals-Indians game at 7:10 p.m. Wear your favorite Royals gear and participate in a costume contest for a chance to win the title of 2010 Royals Super Fan! Bring your Royals knowledge for the trivia contest and a chance to win special prizes. Plus, it's Buck Night with hot dogs, small Pepsi products, peanuts, Twinkies, Royals Gameday Magazines and scorecards for just $1!"

Thats where the Royals portion ended. Chris added:
"They have a photo of what appears to be a superfan...its not you or me. then they want to have a costume contest to decide 2010's superfan of the year. Something about this strikes me as odd. If this is the criteria, I think they should probably pick you"

The Royals haven't came to us and asked us to be involved but Don who is some sort of supervisor in promotions says (Through an usher who wants us more involved in it) we will be.

So heres what I need from you guys. I have never asked the Royals for anything but I want to be 1st or 2nd (to Chris) in 2010 Superfan of the year. So I need you all to buy tickets to the 18th. Come hang out with me before the game. Make Tshirts/Signs/whatever fancy you might have for either Chris or I. Build it up I want the Royals to know you guys appreciate what we do.  KC HAS THE BEST FANS IN AMERICA. I lived in Denver for 7 years and NEVER ONCE did I hear the kind of eruption in a bar during a losing season that I heard the other night when Gordon won the game on a walk off. You guys rock and most of you appreciate what we do and thats why we do it. Help us out the 18th and support your superfans. I am trying to find a Tshirt maker to Sponsor either just me or both Chris and I and make cheap (10 bucks or less) Tshirts that say "I am a Superfan of Royal Man" or "I am a Superfan of KCSuperf@n Chris" If anyone knows anyone who would do this I would put a patch with their logo on it on my cape  I would like to get these made for anyone who would be willing to wear one. 

Anyway I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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