Sunday, April 4, 2010

Woot (and other) shirts I want to sell

$5 each plus actual cost of shipping and paypal

Short Sleeve Hoopstick Shirt 2XL

Dental Damned (Green) XL
bandolier of carrots XL
The Carpal Tunnelizer (Red) 2XL
Shirt.Woot 1st Anniversary (Unworn Numbered 797/4100) XL
Shirt.Woot 1st Anniversary (Unworn Numbered 799/4100) XL
Shirt.Woot 1st Anniversary (Unworn Numbered 780/4100) XL
Perpetual Emotion XL
Plumber in the style of Rembrandt XL
Coughee XL
F5 Refreshes You XL
Zombie Garden XL
Alphabet according to Video Games XL
Terrible Mistake XL
404 heart not found XL

Sudden Death XL

Press My Buttons XL

Non Woot
Word shirts
I’m Immature, Unorganized Lazy and Loud but I am fun XL
I’m Cooler than Almost Everyone Here (2XL)
Correct me if I’m wrong everyone else does (XL)
Kiss me I’m a pirate (XXL)

Video Games
Ace Combat X “Skies of Deception” XL
Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz XL
Punisher XL

Slytherin House Logo  XL
Crown Royal Large

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Troyaof said...

Forgot Live Wire XL